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zsazsa1234 Asked:
Hot. Where do u live?

USA, Missouri

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Q: Hey, I was wondering if you knew the name or the people in this porn? I’ve been looking for it everywhere but can’t find it. Lol

A: Alright here we go

The dark skinned guy getting his dick sucked is Phoenix

The light skinned guy getting his dick sucked is Phoenix’s boyfriend True

one oft he guys sucking dick is dagger, theo ther is diamond boy

so phoenix, true, dagger, diamond boy on Breed It Raw

sun9999 Asked:
Очень сексуально

He said: Very Sexy

Thanks //


ibambiq Asked:
Where did you get that video (look @ that face)? I swear I got homie that looks just like him.

-shrugs- I randomly download porn all the time so there is no telling

Anonymous Asked:
👅💦 Lawdddd where is the chill?¿?

The chill cums after I bust my third nut and I use your ass as a cusion, then I chill (don’t worry I usually bring breakfast, I may be rough but I’m sweet too)


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